Horizontal or vertical screen?

When I was in Geneva I was already wondering at the stand of Volvo, because they had vertical screens. Vertical screens. Hmm – how do I describe this new phenomenon if you haven’t seen it so far? Well, imagine just you would take your desktop screen and set it on the table by turning it around for 90°.

And you can actually buy these screens like that!

But why is this phenomenon happening? Somehow we started to design the webpages for a horizontal screens. Cinema is like that, our TV also, so logically screens for computers are too. And this is where it starts to be different for web. Because we are actually developing webpages vertically. Over the years the content on the start pages did not fit anymore on those horizontal pages, so that on many homepages you have to scroll now.
But the screens are getting smaller (smartphones, tablets) and we can turn those. So is this the new trend for home computers?

If you would like to read the entire article on Mashable go ahead: http://mashable.com/2014/03/16/vertical-monitor/

If this will be the next trend I would definitely forgive those who are still having Vertical Video syndrome!!






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