Geneva 2014

Like every year I visit the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. Not only to have a look at the newest cars, but also to see how the brands present the cars, so more the technical part.

I haven’t seen anything new this year, although you could almost count the brands who are not using a tablet to present their cars. Two years ago you could count the brand which HAD a tablet.

I liked Nissan’s simple (but great) idea to use projectors to simulate the different colors of the cars. Although the representation of the color is not similar to the real color, but as only brand, you get an idea of a 3D model, steered by a tablet, where you choose your color of the vehicle, or your wheel rim design. I think they used 2 projectors, one from above to simulate the vehicles color, and one from the inside. I did get my hand over the car and could see that the lightnings were projected from the inside, although it is hard to see in the video.




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