italy 2Recently I found some articles about the new way to eat or to order dinner. So I invented the word “e-food”, which for me is worth to share some thoughts about. I always like the combination of digital technologies implemented in the real world. So as it seems digital food is now taking part of it in our lives.

Actually it already had, when the first supermarkets offered online shopping for food, some years ago. Although I have to say, that it takes me exactly the same time to order online, than drive to the physical store and buy the things.
So the next step is not only to buy your food online (and it is so handy to get it delivered and packed directly to your front door!), but to order your Pizza on an interactive table by drag&dropping your topping onto the dough. At the end you order and pay easily with your smartphone, by scanning a QR code.
It is still a look into the future, but I could imagine very well to order like this at the fast food chains.

I’m already curios how the pizza would look like, if the system crashes because you did load to much topping on it. Pizza error 404 with extra cheese?





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